Not So Bad

It amazes me that so many of history’s greatest atrocities have somewhere in their midst the phrase “not so bad”. I watched “Bach in Auschwitz”, a documentary about the women in the female orchestra that played for the prisoners and nazis as the prisoners were brought in, gassed and burned. The music was so the prisoners would think that place was “not so bad”. When white supremacists began to band together into small groups, specifically in the south, when forced desegregation began in the late 50s, their actions were deemed “not so bad”. When America began using forced sterilization in the 1900s on the mentally ill (and whose model was used by the nazis later on) it was thought “not so bad”. Maybe “not so bad” should be defined as “You think this is OK but it will get much worse.”
(“nazis” not capitalized due to a lack of reverence for the group for which it stands.)

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