Halloween 2017 Dead Leaf garland

Wow. This is all I could find. Not very scary. Not very Halloween. I Tried Tea-Dyeing. I even read about a product online that you can use to spray paint silk flowers. But why spend $8 when you have a whole cabinet full of old acrylic paints?!

Yep, I took a bucket, added some water and some good, some gloppy old bits of paint, stirred it as well as possible and dunked all 4 of these garlands in it. YES IT WAS A MESS when I hung them up to dry. But the effect? WELL WORTH IT. I killed it. I killed the leaves. Is this antiquing? I guess. Sort of. More like AGING.

In places they even look moldy, which, I think, is the really old grey acrylic that didn’t even mix up in the water. These are now dry and packed up to go to site. See, sometimes it’s just messy fun experimenting. 🙂