Halloween 2016 Paper Cutouts

Nothing could be easier as far as decorating goes. These work well in the scheme because 1) they take up no room on the floor 2) they have major impact 3) they can be tossed after the event 4) they can be rolled up and delivered to site. The dining room I was decorating has a chair rail, which is good and bad. I put all decorations above the chair rail for impact and also because the chair rail doesn’t really allow anything to lay flat to the wall if you put this paper across it. That being said, the cutouts can still be about 8 feet tall. I order a roll of black bulletin board paper from Amazon and use my overhead projector (VERY cheap on Amazon) to trace out designs on the white back. Then I reinforce any corners or intricacies on the back with clear packing tape before I cut them out so they don’t get all torn up when handling them. Here are a few. Each of these is between 4 and 6 feet tall. The room I was decorating was easily 40 feet by 40 feet so I used MANY more cutouts than what is pictured here.