Halloween 2016 Witch Window Tableau

The Witch Window tableau consists of a PVC pipe stand holding up the window with a sheet attached at the bottom to cover the stand. The Window itself is foam board (dry-brushed with acrylic paint) with real window trim attached and a thin grill wood-glued into place. The back is covered with white tissue paper and then a black cutout glued to that. It is then backlit with a floor lamp to give the impression of a window.

The cat’s eyes are backed with yellow tissue paper:

Next in the tableau is a black plastic store-bought cauldron that I filled with bubble wrap around 4  glow sticks that have been bundled up inside green tissue paper. Underneath is a small pile of kindling, again with glow sticks but wrapped in red tissue paper.


To make the broomstick stand I made a plywood base stand with a moon-shaped holder and added a sign at top. The sign is just a piece of printed card stock rubber-cemented to another piece of plywood. I stained the whole thing and then antiqued it with some Burnt Sienna acrylic paint added to glaze, just to give it some age. The idea came about because my niece showed up with this really cool broom that looked like a witch’s broom.

The last item is a standing cutout of a scary cat. This is basically a clipart design traced on to a piece of MDF, screwed down to a board and then the whole thing painted. In this case I didn’t feel the feet would be a good join for very long so I have them butted up against a horizontal piece also. The effect is OK but I can do better in the future. 😉