These costumes came about because my husband and young stepson were just crazy about spiderman. The costumes themselves are relatively easy. I started with commercially available patterns for jumpsuits, changed them slightly so the red fabric was part of the actual jumpsuit instead of just appliqued on and made head covers with various degrees of sheer fabric over the eyes and velcro up the back. There is also velcro at the back of the ankle so the wearer can get their foot into each foot area but then make it fit tightly to the ankle.

Spiderman (3) 


The head covers tuck into the neck openings of the jumpsuits. The jumpsuits end at the wrists and the hand/arm parts are made as gloves that come up almost to the elbows. The spiderwebs are drawn on with Sharpie markers but the small spiders on the fronts, the large spiders on the backs, and the eyes are appliqued on. The feet of the jumpsuit are attached – they are actually Dollar Store slippers that have been cut down so that all that remains is the sole with a small selvage to sew the red fabric onto. I even left the slipper padding in the bottom of the slipper. When you put the jumpsuit on you put your foot right into the “shoe”; this way you don’t have to find some kind of shoe that works with the costume.

Spiderman (2)

The fabric, both red and blue, are polyester doubleknit so that it will stretch but return to it’s original shape. I realize something with some cotton in it would have been more comfortable but when I polled my husband with the pros and cons of cotton versus polyester he voted for the polyester. Yes, he sweated like a pig all night but didn’t even take the mask off to sip water because the kids were ENTHRALLED that Spiderman showed up at THEIR mall!



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