Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo (6)

ANYBODY can be Johnny Bravo. If you have really big muscles you are already… hmmm, 12 steps ahead. If you don’t, here’s a preview:


Johnny Bravo Muscle Shirt (2)

Yes, you have to make a muscle top. But it’s easy as long as you have the muscle (teehee) to push this all through your sewing machine. Just be sure to put a layer of tissue paper over the foam so your presser foot will run across it because the foam is sticky/rubbery. This is a simple white cotton crew neck long sleeve shirt with 1″ foam sewed to it where I felt there needed to be definition. It is apparently one size fits all as long as it’s made for the bigger person first.  Spray the muscles on the body suit with tacky spray and let dry. This will ensure that the sleeves stay up and that the shirt temporarily sticks to the contours of the muscle suit.

Next you need flesh-colored fabric. I used a cotton/poly knit but if I remade this I would use a poly only, maybe even something with lycra because these sleeves got stretched out of shape very fast. You need these to cover the arm muscles. My favorite method of making gloves with a stretchy material: put hand down on material with fingers slightly splayed, trace around, sew. Don’t forget that most cartoon characters only have 3 fingers and a thumb (not my idea and I think it’s weird but it still IS.) These sleeves only need to go up over the shoulder muscle.


Johnny Bravo (5)

The black shirt is just a Hanes crew neck cotton/poly T-shirt. ( The polyester helps it stay stuck to the muscle suit and not get all stretched out.)
Johnny Bravo (4)

The Jeans are just old faded jeans that I dyed a royal blue in washing machine to give them a surreal look.  Add Wayfarer sunglasses, black chunky boots, a big black comb and all you have left is to give him SOME KIND of HAIR. In this case I took a cheapo blonde wig and glued it. (Sigh… yes, glued it with Elmer’s glue to the front of head, styled it like Johnny Bravo, and then used white tennis shoe polish on rest of blonde hair to try to make color look more uniform.)

Johnny Bravo (3)

NEXT YEAR…………………………….

My husband decided he did NOT want to soak his head for 4 hours after event to remove Elmer’s glue and white shoe polish so he purchased this odd fabric “hair” to be Johnny Bravo. I think the hair from the first attempt worked better.

Johnny Bravo (2) Johnny Bravo Johnny Bravo

Good thing we still had the muscle suit…

Johnny Bravo Muscle Shirt

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