MBR Blanket Closet


MBR Blanket Closet Before

This corner of my closet was blocked off so that a return air vent could be installed in the kitchen. Knowing that there is an attic above this floor and that the air return goes down from here into the basement, I wondered why they had to take this whole corner.

Well, when you already have spare sheetrock  and mud, why not throw a hammer at it and see what happens? Well, the hammer landed on top of the sheet metal of the return.

So I dug in and discovered this huge void which I decided I could take back as part of my closet.

The first thing I did was frame in the bottom so that the floor would be raised up above the air return, not put any pressure on it, and support my weight so I could finish the inside. Then I laid 3/4 inch plywood over the framing. The walls were already framed since they are the backside of walls for other rooms. The ceiling was covered with a piece of roofing sheathing but I covered that with sheetrock along with the walls. I also installed a fluorescent light in the blanket closet and tied it into the light switch for the main closet. I had to add 2 X 4 framing for an opening and then trimmed that in 1 X 6 that I ripped down to lay flush with the interior and exterior walls.


MBR blanket closet

I also tacked on a stop around the inside of this sill so that the doors would lay flat against this and prevent the spillage of light out into the main closet. I made doors from 3/4 inch plywood trimmed in flush strips of poplar (to hide raw edges of plywood) and attached to opening with hinges that wrap around doors but not the frame (“half-wrap”).


The latches are magnetic and placed at tops and bottoms of doors, and the handles are very simple chrome. All of the hardware was available at Lowe’s. Here is the basic closet framed in with trim still needing paint. I decided to paint entire main closet and then paint trim (see first photo). I ended up flooring the blanket closet with a scrap piece of carpet and adding a partial shelf at the back because the space was so tall.




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