Bathroom Portico

I’m all for having a nice quiet, PRIVATE place to go potty.  I even like that if someone walks in I am virtually hidden behind the door as the open door provides a stall enclosure for the toilet area. That being said, I found this area to be a bit dark since the light from the vanity nor the light from the ceiling fixture reached this cubbyhole of an area. I figured that a window might be a good idea but I also realized it didn’t have to be a real window, more just an opening.

So I cut a hole in the wall. I do this a LOT. There is space in the wall and I normally want to use that space. In this instance cutting a hole in the wall served 2 purposes: it allowed light and air into toilet cubbie AND I could use it as shelving for candles, bath salts, etc. This is not a small hole; I ran into 2 upright 2″ X 4″s after I cut the sheetrock away. So I cut those away also, but then had to put in a horizontal support piece at the top and bottom of the hole to redistribute weight that was on the uprights I cut away and also to have a nailing surface for the box to follow. Please be smart about this. I know from experience that this wall is not providing any structural support to my house. Normally cutting out pieces of one or two supports in a wall is not going to affect structure, especially if you add support back in that distributes what those uprights were supporting. If you don’t cut sides over to a stud you will need to add vertical supports in at sides also.

Bathroom Portico (3)

In this picture you might be able to see the 2 slim pieces of drywall I had to add to cover the 2″ X 4″s I had to add at top and bottom. You don’t have to add sheetrock to cover these since the trim will cover them but you have to add SOMETHING so that your trim lays nicely.

Next you make a box that will fit in the opening. I decided to make mine fit a very tall vase, some candles and other bathing paraphenalia. In the upper tall slot you might just be able to see that I put side rails in front and back of shelf to make sure tall vase doesn’t fall off. I pretty much prepainted this box before I installed it because it is easier.

Bathroom Portico (2)

Next, I added trim, puttied holes, and finished painting box along with trim. It’s perfect.

Bathroom Portico

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