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Women’s Tuxedo

I happen to be married to someone who is something of a bigwig. Not a BIG bigwig, but someone who is expected to make “appearances” at benefits and galas and black tie events. My husband owns a tuxedo which makes everything very easy-breezy for him when we have to dress up for these events. Not so for ME.  I am expected to show up STUNNINGLY dressed in something expensive-looking, fashion forward and NEW. It is fashion death in this arena  to show up in a “mother of the bride” dress; a bridesmaid dress; a teen strapless, short, gaudy, flimsy square foot of sparkly cloth.  In high school I ADORED making all my slinky (or frilly – ugh) dresses for the dances because there weren’t many stores around that sold formalwear and I HATED showing up in something that some other girl was also wearing. My Dad pointed out that I didn’t buy an original and OF COURSE someone else would be wearing the same dress.  So I was DIGGING making an original for every dance. Now I’m sort of burned out on that PLUS these events are occurring at least twice a month and I have crap I want and need to do in between these events over and above working on formal dresses 24-7.

So, I want a tuxedo. Why can’t I have a tuxedo, too? The same high-end jacket and pants that my husband wears? Of course it would be sexy and sleek and very fitted. I could change out the camisole or blouse or chemise with each outfit, and maybe change out the shoes. I wouldn’t freeze (these events seem to always be held in the winter in a meat locker of a conference center), wouldn’t have to wear a coat over my outfit the entire evening, and would save a BUNDLE of money.  We aren’t that far from that idea anyway. I am seeing formalwear jumpsuits in every store this season. How much of a stretch is it from jumpsuits to a tuxedo?

C’mon, ladies, let’s DO this.


I have, on occasion, made the decision to not make a decision. It might be called procrastination or laziness by some people but I firmly feel that sometimes making the decision to NOT make a decision can be the best option. Maybe in the old days this was called “giving someone enough rope to hang him or herself”. Maybe it’s the old “lets wait and see”. But for me, someone who is prone to a pressing need to take care of business here and now, no procrastination allowed, will often make a wrong decision. Making a decision on all matters open to decision is very important to me. Somehow it soothes my OCD brain to make the decision but that decision be to not make a decision. Comments welcome. :]