Monthly Archives: January 2013

Tea Length

What happened to tea length? I saw a lot of this length in dresses and gowns when I was a kid. There seemed to be an aversion during that time period when I was growing up to having gowns dragging around on the ground or getting caught on the rhinestones of one’s shoes. Recently I caught  an episode of Project Runway and one of the judges was complaining that the floor length gown wasn’t long enough. It was already at the floor! And I recently attended an event and wore a long gown. It tangled between my legs all evening and got caught on my shoes. So I went to the web and looked at mid-century (1950s or so) gowns and wedding dresses and, although they were tea length, they were very elegant, elegant enough for very formal occasions. So I want to start seeing tea length dresses. I will start making and wearing tea length dresses. Of course that means the nice frilly underskirts that make these tea length dresses look so poufy and beautiful. I looked at some patterns online from antique pattern dealers. I think I can probably drape one myself. Published patterns tend to not fit me, Even though the patterns show broad shoulders and small waists they don’t actually fit people with broad shoulders and small waists. So a published pattern is only ever a starting point for me anyway.


Someone told me once that as people age their ears keep growing. Well, as you look around it does certainly seem to be the case. But what if someone had their ears pinned back (plastic surgery to pull protruding ears closer to the head) as a child or young adult? Does this somehow interrupt this process? Will they have young ears forever? Additionally, will they tend to look younger always because they don’t have “old” ears?




Why Costuming?


Costuming is an art form all its’ own. It combines elements from a vast array of resources. One has to know how to sew, how to construct, and -most of all- how to solve problems. When you embark on a project you can end up using materials from the fabric store, the woodshop, the dollar store, the craft store, and maybe even a flower shop. The idea is to MAKE IT WORK. In my opinion the spur of the moment ideas for costumes are the ones that present the greatest challenges but also end up being the most fantastic -and dare I say- magical.